HUD Rental Assistance

Description of Program

  • The Housing Authority (HA) Program is a federally funded rental subsidy program for very low income residents of an established geographic area.
  • Communities or counties can apply for the funds by demonstrating need through an application process.
  • If funded, the community or county operates under a government contract per mandated time periods.

Structure of the Program

The program is designed to give eligible families freedom-of-choice in finding an existing, decent, safe and sanitary rental unit under rent guidelines (payment standards) established by the government.


  • An applicant who meets the eligibility requirements will be placed on the waiting list until a voucher becomes available.
  • Applicant locates a rental unit within the required geographic area.
  • Housing unit must pass a required rental unit inspection to determine if it meets rental-housing criteria.
  • Applicants may stay in their present unit if the unit passes inspection. Inspections are completed to ensure decent, safe and sanitary housing.
  • Once an approved unit has been located, the applicant will pay an adjusted affordable amount for rent. In general, the family pays 30% of their adjusted gross income for rent plus utilities, and the program pays the balance.

Eligibility Requirements

Applicants must be a very-low income family (The term "family" also includes elderly, disabled, and single individuals as defined by government regulations.)

Eligibility is based upon gross annual income and number of people in the family*

* Please contact the Dodgeville office for the requirements in Dodgeville.

NOTE: Eligibility does not mean immediate placement. If the applicant appears to be eligible, the applicant is then placed on the waiting list.

Available Assistance Programs

SWCAP works in cooperation with the Dodgeville Housing Authority to provide rent assistance to very low income individuals and families in Iowa County.

Rental Voucher

  • Under the Housing Choice Voucher Program, if the rent amount is within the established payment standard, the family pays 30% of their adjusted gross income for rent plus utilities and the program pays the difference.
  • The family is not allowed to pay the difference above the established payment standard and the actual gross rent for the unit.
  • The difference is added to the family's 30% rent amount, and that total cannot exceed 40% of the family's monthly adjusted income

To Apply

Dodgeville Housing Authority
100 E Fountain St
Dodgeville WI 53533
608-935-2326 ext 202

More Information

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